Collierville Partners in Education (PIE) was formed in 2016 under the auspices of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce with the goal of raising funds for a new state-of-the-art Collierville High School. PIE successfully raised about $2 million dollars for the school district but decided not to stop there.

Today, PIE is an independent organization made up of local business leaders who aim to support Collierville youth and the school system in helping to ensure that students graduate prepared for college or a career. PIE partnerships help enhance a student’s educational experience by providing field trips, mentorship, speakers, internships, and access to hands-on experiences in high demand sectors. 

"Having access to the titans of local business and industry has benefited our district in numerous ways. Through dialogue and shared purpose, we have leveraged these relationships to better understand the needs of our local workforce. PIE has helped us shape the curriculum and provide the tools so our students can develop the expertise needed to succeed after they leave high school."
Dr. Gary Lilly
Superintendent, Collierville Schools
"I engage with PIE because our goal is to assist with workforce development by connecting the needs of business with opportunities for Collierville students. This benefits the Town of Collierville long term by helping to attract businesses with the quality and talent of the workforce educated at CHS."
Dave Rhylander
2021-22 PIE Board Chair
"Having a vibrant and effective workforce development initiative in Collierville truly differentiates our community as we recruit corporate headquarter partners. Showcasing PIE to a relocation or expansion prospect shows our Town's commitment to a deeper and more lasting educational experience and allows our corporate partners to engage in something truly special and life changing. "
John Duncan
Economic Development Director Town of Collierville